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Add a list of customers via the Import Customer function

Briox also gives you the option to import a list of your customers instead of having to register them individually.

  1.  Go to Registry - Customers - Import.  Click on Import Customers.
  2. Save your list of customers as a tab-separated text-file (.txt) (using UTF8 as encoding if you have any special characters). The information in your files should be arranged in columns without any spaces between the rows.
    If you are a Mac user please save your file as a Windows Formatted Text (.txt). 
    See example below.

  3.     Once you have a list of your customers ready in the correct file format, click on the Choose File button and select the file you want to import.
  4. If you want the software to create customer numbers for you then, check the “Automatically create Customer No.” box. Choose what you want to do with duplicates via the radio buttons.
     Upload the file when you are ready to do so.

  5. Once the file has been uploaded, you will see the columns in the preview area.  If the first row of the file you want to import has headings, please check “Ignore first row” box.You can then select the headings for each row by clicking on the box above each column and ticking the box in front of the designations which best fit your columns. You can even choose several designations per column. See the picture below.
  6. Once all the columns have been allocated appropriate headings click on the Import File button. Answer OK if you want to confirm the import or Cancel if you want to go back.

Once the import is complete, you will be able to see your customers under Registry - Customers. This customer list is now available for you to use while creating your invoices. If you have the Sales application.


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